Friday, June 10, 2011

Group Leadership Project: Part B - Storyboard and Script

For our Group Leadership Project, we decided to teach about Google Docs. In our first web conference it was decided that I would present Google Documents, Laura would present Google Spreadsheets, Kevin would present Google Presenter, and Lindsay would present Google Drawing. For our storyboard, each of us worked on the parts previously mentioned. We also decided we would each record our own part and then put them all together in a movie file. So far, everything is on track and going great, and we will be meeting again via web conference, next week, to start pulling our final project together.  Below is a link to our storyboard.

Group 3 Storyboard

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  1. Outstanding storyboard, Group 3!! It looks like your group is ready to move onto the next phase in the production process - recording. Just a heads up ~ the group is going to want to consider adding a closing statement at the end of the last section - effectively signing off. I'm looking forward with great anticipation, to watching your Google Docs tutorial in a couple of weeks. Fabulous team work, here=8-)