Sunday, June 19, 2011

Group Leadership Project - Final Project

Click HERE to view our final Google Docs tutorial.

What tool did your group use to deliver the PD tutorial?  Why? 
Our group chose to do a tutorial of Google Docs. We chose Google Docs because we were all fairly familiar with Google Docs and felt confident enough to do a tutorial on it for others. We decided that each of us would create a mini-tutorial on one of the tools available through Google Docs (Documents, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and Drawing), and put them all together to make one tutorial of the entire Google Docs Suite.

To deliver the PD tutorial, we each recorded our mini-tutorials using Screecast-o-Matic and then use Windows Movie Maker to put the entire tutorial together. We chose Screencast-o-Matic because, as opposed to Jing, you could record more than 3-minute segments. It is also a very user-friendly program. We also chose Windows Movie Maker because it is a fairly straight forward, user-friendly program that we had experience with and knew we could create a quality project with.

What did you learn during the development process of the final product?
During the development process of the final project I learned that while it was fairly simple to record my own mini-tutorial, it was more difficult to have the final project be a group effort. Ultimately, one of us had to collect everyone's files and create the final project (THANKS, LAURA!!!). We also learned that when we combined all of our mini-tutorials, we ended up with a 20 minute project. Because the project was so lengthy and large, it was virtually impossible to upload it to a web space such as YouTube. First, we cut our project into two parts so we could upload both parts to the web for viewing. Eventually, however, we ended up cutting down our project drastically, and only creating a PD tutorial on creating a Google Document. I have, however, included the videos (Part I and II), from our original Google Docs tutorial.

What would you do differently if you had to develop a similar product again?
If we were to develop a similar product again, I think we would only choose one of the tools in Google Docs to do a tutorial on, as when presenting on all four tools our tutorial was 20 minutes as opposed to 10.  Also, as we did experience some issues with using Windows Movie Maker, I may try using iMovie or another program to create our final product. Overall, however, I was really happy with how well our group worked together, how willing everyone was to pitch in, and how smoothly things went!  :-) 

Parts I and II of our Original Google Docs Tutorial

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  1. I'm appreciate your diligence and dedication to the project - 3 different tutorials - that's impressive! When you visit the 812 Showcase, you will notice that I've posted all three of the links. People in class are very familiar with this suite, however, I'm always surprised how many haven't even heard about them. Your tutorials will provide others with the necessary information to become skilled users. Way to go!